Post-Surgical Rehabilitation In New Westminster and Richmond

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation In Surrey

Recovering from surgery is no easy feat. However, you want to return to your physical activities in no time and in good shape too. Fortunately, post-surgical rehabilitation can help you heal faster and better with minimal complications. Furthermore, the treatment is suited to your condition, relieving your pain and restoring function.

Cambie Physiotherapy offers post-surgical rehabilitation in New Westminster and Richmond. Our physiotherapists are more than qualified to develop a customized treatment plan for you regardless of the surgery you may have undergone.

What Is Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

As the name implies, post-surgical rehabilitation is rehabilitation after surgery. This type of physiotherapy focuses on aiding recovery after a procedure. Our physiotherapists develop a comprehensive treatment plan to restore mobility and function, reduce pain, and restore strength.

What Are The Benefits Of Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Post-surgical rehabilitation Richmond offers numerous benefits, including;

  • Faster recovery.
  • Improved range of motion.
  • Pain relief.
  • Reduced risk of surgical complications.
  • Improved well-being.
  • Restored muscle strength.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Techniques

Post-surgical rehabilitation New Westminster uses several techniques to ensure your overall health and well-being. These techniques include;

  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Gait training

Who Needs Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

Anyone who has undergone surgery can benefit from post-surgical rehabilitation. This rehabilitation helps patients regain function and improve muscle strength, especially after prolonged inactivity. It also speeds up recovery.

Your physiotherapist will assess your condition and develop a suitable treatment plan. You can get post-surgical rehabilitation Richmond whether you undergo a minor or major surgery.

People who can benefit from post-surgical rehabilitation include people who have undergone;

  • Joint replacement surgeries.
  • Spinal surgeries.
  • Cancer treatments.
  • Orthopedic surgeries.

Does Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Have Side Effects?

The side effects of post-surgical rehabilitation are temporary. Usually, these side effects include muscle soreness, fatigue, mild swelling, or discomfort. In addition, you may feel the side effects at the initial stages of the treatment. Our physiotherapists will closely monitor your progress and treatment plan, ensuring you experience only minimal side effects.

Why Should You Choose Post-Surgical Rehabilitation In New Westminster and Richmond?

The quality of your post-surgical rehabilitation determines how soon you get back on your feet and the risk of complications. At Cambie Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists offer the best post-surgical rehabilitation. The treatment is tailored to the type of surgery you undergo, your medical history, and how fast your body recuperates.


How Long Does Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Usually Take?

The duration of post-surgical rehabilitation varies. The type of surgery, its invasiveness, and your recovery during rehabilitation all determine the duration of the treatment process. Our physiotherapists will discuss an estimated recovery timeline during your initial consultation.

Will Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Be Painful?

Post-surgical rehabilitation aims to minimize pain and discomfort after surgery. Although you may experience slight discomfort, it is temporary and is always at the initial stages of the treatment.

How Soon After Surgery Can I Start Post-Surgical Rehabilitation?

It is best to begin your post-surgical rehabilitation shortly after your surgery. Nevertheless, it depends on your type of surgery and your surgeon's recommendations. Our physiotherapists in  Richmond and New Westminster will examine your situation to determine the most appropriate timing for your post-surgical rehabilitation.

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